Rules & Regulations


1. Smoking and eating addictive things like GUTKA, CHEWING-GUM is strictly prohibited in the library.
2. Every staff member and student who enters the library is expected to note their names and enrolment no and sign in the register.
3. Before entering the stack rooms of the library everyone is expected to leave all their belongings outside.
4. Every student should posses the college identity card while in the library.
5. Every subscriber is requested to keep the books neat and tidy not to mutilate them in any way.
6. Books are for our use. Discipline is essential for getting books issued without undue delay.
7. Your kind co-operation is solicited for the efficient Functioning of the library.
8. Keep silence in the library.
9. Please Switch off OR put on silent mode your Mobile Phone.
10. Keep used books their original place.
11. Don’t photocopy from any book without prior permission of the librarian.
12. If the issued books are lost or teared, then net prize will be charged.
13. Don’t put any always mark/sign in the book.
14. Library membership card is not transferable. Eating of any kind of food is strictly prohibited in library.
15. Books Issue Return Time:- Monday to Friday -10:15 am to 04:45 pm Saturday ( Working day only )


1. Register your entry in “Computer User Entry Register”.
2. Usage of Internet is provided to facilitate your Academic Research, or Documentation work. But surfing unnecessary websites are strictly prohibited.
3. Shut down and Switch off your System/Node properly before leaving the Library.
4. Allowed continue maximum two hour for each student. (If waiting other students)
5. Students are advised to save any data either in “F or E -drive” only.
6. Deleting any other unknown folder/files in “other drive” or “Desktop” is punishable.

-: You are always most welcome in library and maximum use of library facility:-

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